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Gavrilyuk V.P., Markovsky, E.A.

Cast iron alloys chromic

UDC 669.15'26-194
Gavrilyuk V.P., Markovsky, E.A.
Cast iron alloys chromic.
- Kyiv: The process of casting, with the participation of IP “Informlite”
2001. - 260 pp.: Ill.
The monograph presents the results of studies of properties of cast alloys iron alloys chromic with chromium in a wide interval from 35 to 75% by weight. Detailed features of the structure of this class of metallic materials such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, as well as mechanical and casting properties of alloys, depending on their composition and a set of input alloying. These properties are considered in relation to working conditions of machine parts and tools of modern technology, who work under conditions of high temperatures and aggressive environments.
The book is intended for scientific, engineering and technical personnel of research institutes and industrial enterprises specializing in the field of metal alloys for use in extreme conditions, and may also be useful to postgraduate students and university students of the professions.
© V.P. Gavrilyuk, E.A. Markowsky
Editor Z.A.. Yaroslavets
Printing the journal Occupational Health and Safety. " 02100, Kiev-100, st. Popudrenko, 10 / 1
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