Metallurgy. Russian Ukrainian Terminology Dictionary PDF Print

Naydek V.L., Evlash K.F., Zatulovskyy S.S.

Metallurgy. Russian Ukrainian Terminology Dictionary
About 14,000 terms and phrases

Kiev "Casting Processes, with the participation of MP "Informlyttya"
2003 271 pp

Russian Ukrainian terminological Dictionary "Metallurgy" covers about 14,000 most used in Russian and Ukrainian terms and word combinations in the field of metallurgy, foundry, THERMAL processing, as well as related areas of science and metallurgy technology, metals physics, welding and forging production
Is intended for teachers and students of higher technical and Middle schools, scientific research organizations staff profile of material, engineering and technical workers Steel
родственных to his specialties
Reviewer Dr. of philology, Professor A.A. Taranenko

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