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Phisico-technological Institute of Metals and Alloys (up to 1996 has been referred to as Institute of Foundry Problems) of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine was established in 1958. Nowadays it is one of the largest European scientific and technical centers in the fields of foundry, metallurgy and material science.

PTIMA undertakes its activities in the following basic directions:

study of liquid state of multicomponent steels and alloys; interaction of melts with soluble and unsoluble, liquid and gaseous reagents; improvement of existing and elaboration of new ferrous and non-ferrous alloys on the basis of complex and economic alloying, modifying, dispersion strengthening, artificial introduction into metallic melts of granules, particles, etc.;
study of physical, chemical, heat and mass exchanging processes and their influence on properties and on characteristics of metallic melts during their laser, plasma and electron-beam treatment;
elaboration of scientific principles of creation of new ferrous and non-ferrous alloys;
researches of influence of power and electromagnetic fields, centrifugal forces, controllable heat treatment on hydrodynamic, heat-exchanging and solidification processes of molten metals;
Researches on external effects influence on liquid and crystallized metals.
PTIMA is ready to introduce into the industries of your country, jointly with you, metallic materials, technologies, equipment and devices elaborated at the Institute. Two Academicians of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine (NAS), three NAS Corresponding Members, thirty Doctor of Science and over sixty Candidate of Science degree holders are involved in resolving fundamental and applied problems in the Institute. 142 patents in 24 countries, more then 4000 invention certificates as well as about 100 foreign licenses prove the significant contribution of the Institute to foundry and metallurgy. Through its post-graduate studies department the Institute conducts training of highly qualified scientific experts for the CIS and other countries. Since 1992 the Institute has published "Casting Processes" scientific and technical magazine, and since 1995 - "Metal Studies and Metal Treatment". The Institute is copablisher of "Metal and Foundry in Ukraine" magazine. It is a basic institution of the Foundry Association of Ukraine. For many years the Institute maintains close business relations with leading scientific centers, companies and enterprises in Ukraine and board. Nowadays the Institute has contracts for introduction of its technologies with companies in more than 30 countries.


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