Materials and alloys PDF Print
  1. Corrosion resistance cast irons
  2. Modified low-alloyed cast iron for heat-resistant glass forms
  3. High-strenght cast iron
  4. Partically graphitizing iron for braking shoes
  5. Deformed cast iron
  6. New marganese steels
  7. Cast gearing products on considerable load for agricultural machine building and drill engineering
  8. Steels with vanadium nitride hardening
  9. High-strengh structural carbon and alloy steels
  10. High-strength stainless 13%-chromium steels
  11. New alloys for blades of gas turbine engines
  12. Nitrogen- and manganese-containing low-nickel and nickel-free high-temperature steels
  13. High wear-resistant cast coposite material (CCM)
  14. Biological- and inert alloys and their medicine products
  15. The Fe-Cr alloys and the influence of high velocities of crystallization upon their structure formation and mechanical properties
  16. Heat resistant alloys on the base of Fe-Cr system
  17. Strengthening alloys of system Cu-Cr-Fe-C with miscibility gop in liquid
  18. New antifriction alloys Fe-Cu-S-P
  19. Non-ferrous alloys for coins and sensitive strips from their
  20. Modified alloys for ductile iron production
  21. High-quality melted non-metallic materials
  22. Radiation resistant stone-custing material (SCM)
  23. Porous materials on the base of aluminium
  24. Refractory coatings for casting by Lost-Foam
  25. Ceramic materials for moulds and cores

Technology and equipment PDF Print
  1. The technology and equipment for modification of cast iron with magnesium in the ladles
  2. Ductile iron: modifying in the mould, specified grade
  3. Technology of shape casting manufacturing with using of intensive heat cooling
  4. Suspension pouring casting from high manganese steel
  5. Low pressure castings (LPC) with gas or piston recompacting
  6. RASLIT - process
  7. Technology of vacuum-compression casting of composite materials
  8. Obtaining of precise casting by Lost-Foam process with applying of gravitational pouring
  9. Technology of obtaining of large dimension casting in sand moulds by Lost-Foam (FULL MOULD process)
  10. Casting of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys with metal crystallization under high regulated pressure (GAMODAR-process)
  11. Technology of obtaining of cast elements of art articles from carbon-ferrous and non-ferrous alloys by Lost-foam
  12. Technology for die casting of steel profiling products
  13. Centrifugal casting of single-layer and bimetallic pipes and billets with fluxing
  14. Bimetallic castings production at external influence of electromagnetic field
  15. Thermometry and thermal control of technological processes and materials
  16. Complex of equipment for composition and structure proximate analysis of cast iron and steel
  17. Non-fracture express-method of quality control of cast iron casting
  18. Technology for producting ferrosilicium from ash waste of thermal power stations
  19. Alloying elements and alloys obtaining from oxidized and hydro-oxidized compounds
  20. Technology for production of refractory crucibles with fused surface
  21. Production and effective application of metallic shots
  22. Volumetrical barocrystallization of casting under isothermal conditions
  23. Desulphurization of cast iron in flux using vortical apparatuses
  24. Treatment of melts by powder materials in foundry
  25. Equipment and technology of vacuum-stream modifying of cast iron
  26. Deep melt treatment with plasma gas reagent media
  27. Combined method of treatment of liquid non-ferrous metals and alloys
  28. Improvement of technology of continuous pouring of steel
  29. Technology of filter refining of liquid steel in pony ladle MCCI
  30. Electron-beam melting and casting technologies
  31. Electron-Beam Casting Installations
  32. Formation of a crystalline structure shaping of casting under solidifying in conditions of vibratory processing
  33. Multipurpose plasma-arc unit
  34. Technology of refining aluminum alloys by reagent RF-1
  35. Small plasma furnaces
  36. Induction coreless furnaces for melting and superheating of steel and iron
  37. Melting-distributing furnace for aluminum alloys
  38. Vacuum magnetodynamic plant for casting applying low combined pressure
  39. Vacuum magnetodynamic plant for semicontinuous casting of ingot bars from aluminum alloys
  40. Rotor-conveyer line for obtaining precise castings applying control high pressure by Lost-Foam process (GAMODAR- process)
  41. Equipment for research of physics-chemical properties of liquid smelts
  42. Automated complex of centrifugal casting with magnetic-dynamical pump for iron-casting production
  43. Scales for foundry
  44. Magnetodynamic mixing-batching device for liquid pig-iron
  45. Plasma-induction installation ISTP-016